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Joan Crawford Collection, Vol. 2
The Joan Crawford Collection,
Volume Two

From Warner Home Video, a 5-disc DVD box-set of Joan Crawford pictures, including Peter Lorre's turn as the stool pigeon called "M'sieur Pig" in Strange Cargo (MGM, 1940).

Region 1 only
Date:   Feb. 12, 2008
Retail:   $49.92

The Films:

  • Sadie McKee (MGM, 1934), with Franchot Tone, Gene Raymond, and Edward Arnold

  • Strange Cargo (MGM, 1940), with Clark Gable, Ian Hunter, and Peter Lorre

  • A Woman's Face (MGM, 1940), with Melvyn Douglas

  • Flamingo Road (Warners, 1949), with Zachary Scott and Sydney Greenstreet

  • Torch Song (MGM, 1953), with Michael Wilding

The Extras:

  • New documentaries – Gable & Crawford

  • Crawford at Warners

  • Tough Baby: Joan Crawford and "Torch Song"

  • Original theatrical trailer for each film

  • Audio-only radio adaptations – A Woman's Face, with Bette Davis and Ida Lupino

  • Flamingo Road, with the original cast

  • And on each disc, Warners' Night at the Movies: cartoons, newsreels, short subjects, and original trailers from the Warner Bros. film vaults
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El Desconocido del Tercer Piso
El Desconocido del Tercer Piso
(The Stranger of the Third Floor)

Peter Lorre's 1940 film Stranger on the Third Floor (RKO Radio), directed by Boris Ingster and co-starring John McGuire and Margaret Tallichet, has been dubbed in Spanish for this Region 2 release.

This film is available for Region 2 only and may be purchased through:


Date:   June 13, 2007
Retail:   € 9,99 (9.99 euro)

Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics
Karloff & Lugosi
Horror Classics

Known more as a character actor of mystery and suspense than a horror-film star, Peter Lorre joined two of the screen�s most famous horror actors – Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi – for the musical �horror-romp� You�ll Find Out (1940), co-starring Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge band.

Warner Home Video presents a remastered print of You�ll Find Out as well as three other remastered films starring Karloff and Lugosi – singly and together – in a 2-disc DVD box-set.

Region 1 only
Date:   Oct. 6, 2008
Retail:   $26.98

The Films:

  • The Walking Dead (Warner Bros., 1935), with Boris Karloff, Ricardo Cortez, Edmund Gwenn

  • Frankenstein 1970 (Allied Artists, 1958), with Boris Karloff, Don "Red" Barry, Jana Lund

  • You'll Find Out (RKO, 1940), with Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Kay Kyser

  • Zombies on Broadway (RKO, 1945), with Bela Lugosi, Wally Brown, Alan Carney

The Extras:

  • Audio commentary: The Walking Dead by film historian Greg Mank

  • Audio commentary: Frankenstein 1970 by film historians Charlotte Austin and Tom Weaver
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Forgotten Noir and Crime, Vol. 4
Forgotten Noir Collection,
Volume Four

From VCI Entertainment, a 3-disc DVD box-set of nine noir films, including the rarely-seen Mr. District Attorney (Republic, 1941), with Peter Lorre in the small role of "Mr. Hyde".

All Regions
Date:   Nov. 18, 2008
Retail:   $29.99

The Films:

  • Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (MGM, 1950), with Howard St. John, Ron Randell, Amanda Blake

  • Radar Secret Service (MGM, 1950), with Tom Neal, John Howard

  • Motor Patrol (Warners, 1950), with Don Castle, Jane Nye, William Henry

  • Mr. District Attorney (Republic, 1941), with Dennis O'Keefe, Florence Rice, Peter Lorre

  • Western Pacific Agent (MGM, 1951), with Kent Taylor, Sheila Ryan, Robert Lowery

  • Highway 13 (MGM, 1948), with Robert Lowery, Pamela Blake

  • Treasure of Monte Cristo (MGM, 1949), with Glenn Langen, Adele Jergens, Steve Brodie

  • Roaring City (MGM, 1951), with Hugh Beaumont, Edward Brophy

  • Sky Liner (MGM, 1949), with Richard Travis, Pamela Blake, Rochelle Hudson

The Extras:

  • Original theatrical trailer for each film
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